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Deputy district attorney Carson Tanner has dedicated his life to justice. But he is still haunted by one case that was never solved: the murder of his entire family in cold blood. Back then, the teenage Carson was protected by his girlfriend's influential father, Senator Randolph Drake.

But now, fifteen years later, Carson finds himself facing a whole new world when a man confesses to the Tanner killings. His name is John Stokes.

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And his confession only scratches the surface of the truth Carson knows that Annette Baxter uses her brains and beauty as a fixer for the rich and powerful, making their indiscretions disappear in exchange for security and influence. But now someone is using her clients' secrets—and her own—against her.

And even though Carson can't ignore his attraction to her, he is dead-set on making Annette pay for her crimes It was initially shared across a few broadcasting channels and then left to spread on its own. The video was about an accidental sighting of a man flying over the Qutub Minar.

Within the next few days, the video had been viewed in a hundred and forty countries across the globe, with zero PR push around it. If the above piece of information sounds like a plot from a fiction novel, you are both right and wrong.

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In fact this kind of promotion mirrors one of the many interesting plotlines in the book; which got sold out on Flipkart, within a few days of release. A Legacy to the Youth by J.


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