Plight of the Unborn, Chapter One

Chapter 1 - The Ethics of Posterity and the Climate Change Novel
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Unsurprisingly, the case has garnered much attention on Weibo , China's popular social media platform. It highlights the ongoing conflict between home and state in China — with private family decisions decided by officials, some 36 years after the one child policy was introduced.

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One post read: "Are two kids a lot? Is it over the top? For some, the case has evoked memories of what the policy once meant for women who stubbornly refused to consent — extreme cases of forced abortion. It's hard to imagine in today's China, where such practices are illegal under human rights laws, that forced abortions were regularly practiced in the 80s and early 90s. These were the earlier decades of the policy's enforcement, when it was at its most strict. Couples who already had one child but found themselves pregnant again would be required to have an abortion in most cases, particularly if you worked for the state.

Family planning bureaus hired local monitors, often older local women, to watch over communities for any signs of growing bellies, or anyone trying to hide their pregnancy. Many women ran away and went into hiding to escape the authorities.

Stories of pregnant fugitives were aplenty — some successful, many not. My mother told me of a woman she knew who fled to the mountains to try to keep her second baby. She was discovered in the later stages of pregnancy and was forced to have an abortion. The induced still-birth that followed, a horrific process where the body expels the dead foetus, resulted in a full-formed child that already bore a full head of black hair.

Due to cultural preferences for male heirs in Chinese society, many families hid a second pregnancy because they were desperate for a son.

If first born was a daughter, they might try to have another - even if it was against the rules. Even today, this way of thinking is prevalent among older generations and some from rural backgrounds. Yet, according to a lawyer I spoke to, there are still cases happening — as this latest text message scandal shows.

One such case, that shocked the nation in , took place in Shaanxi province. A year-old mother was abducted under the instruction of a local family planning official, as she couldn't afford the fine associated with having a second child. Pictures of the dead foetus lying next to the young mother were posted online by the family.

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A tale of the ultimate other, Plight of the Unborn is a fantasy story that follows Mark Beta, first Unborn of Prince Marcus, heir to the throne of Safera. Though he is. Plight of the Unborn Chapter One. We find The Secret Life of an Unborn Baby in the Mothers Womb The Secret Life of an Unborn Baby in the Mothers Womb.

This is the story of women and motherhood, the pain of unhappy parents and childhood, mothers who don't mother and women that do. I fell in love with the young girls in the story. Excellent writing and strong feeling of place. Good if you like stories about forging a home in other cultures and finding family. A story of betrayal and friendship. Outstanding writing that we have come to know from Monica Hesse.

Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

I didn't feel that I understood the story world very well, or the setting, or the conflict. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size. Lists with This Book. It's hard to imagine in today's China, where such practices are illegal under human rights laws, that forced abortions were regularly practiced in the 80s and early 90s. The starting point, then, is adherence to what the document calls "the basic principle" -- " never to intentionally kill, or collude in the killing, of any innocent human life. Click here for an overview and explanation of the most common reasons that women get abortions. Meh May contain spoilers The story was good technically.

Minza seamlessly weaves people and time into a beautiful tale of a family caught between cultures and the rocky road they navigate. It is very insightful into a Muslim Indian American family after Explores honest and complex feeling, beliefs and values both personal and religious. I thought this was lovely, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Shows that as Americans we are more alike than we are different.

Satisfying little gem of a book with a fast-moving plot and vivid characters. At the core its a love story that shows the ironies of war. I found this full of suspense, action and even a bit of humor. Good if you liked Skeletons at the Feast and City of Thieves. Wild, arid and teeming with corruption; two brothers face the harsh realities of life in the s Australian outback.

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Great descriptive writing! A tale of revenge, guilt, survival and how to be human. I found this savagely beautiful and loved it. Will be one of the best of Bold, timely and well written speculative fiction on the lives of women whose choices are restricted. Zumas explores the consequences of making abortion illegal through the eyes of five very different women. The writing is a bit experimental but I feel it works extremely well and by removing the women as subjects it shows their roles in society. It is an easy-to-read complex book of motherhood, identity and fertility issues.

Get ready for a romp. Classic outstanding English humor with lots of heart and quirky dysfunctional families. An easy festive read. Very solid and enjoyable. How would you live your life if you knew when it would end? Four siblings grapple with this haunting question in different ways. Thought provoking and conceptually well written where the moral and central themes tie together.

Benjamin explores existential questions in everyday life. Fate vs. Some strong sexual content. Great for discussion! Contemporary parallel story weaves together past and present with a good amount of mystery thrown in.

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Great characters who share love and hope. Invented Lives is the story of exile: exile from country and exile from self. Galina is an orphaned Russian who arrives in Australia in the 's. She becomes involved with an underlyingly complicated family who are all hiding secrets. The characters are interesting, human and like the title are inventing their lives. I especially appreciated the themes of identity, loneliness, and love. This is a thoughtful novel about starting anew and reminds readers of the importance of connection and belonging.

Adventures in the untamed Old West. Outlaws, crooked politicians and an engaging multi-dimensional sharp-shooter makes for a great read. Excellent depiction of the harshness of life on the Western Frontier and the gritty lawless people who inhabit it. Has themes of coming-of-age, gender ambiguity, loyalty and loss and shows how love can cross lines of race and class.

Expect a movie!

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When a distraught mother of two takes to the road and collides with mobster Frank who knows too much about the JFK's assignation things really heat up. Explorer Kate Harris writes part memoir, part history lesson, part science exploration. Great narrative writing filled with sentiment, a bit of humor and excellent pacing make this a reading journey to savor. Kate reminds us the World is wild and full of wonder.

Highly recommended and good if you liked It's What I Do. This slow-burning thriller has great sense of time and place. It feels like prose of the 's yet fast-paced. As in Gentleman in Moscow I fell in love with the main character, Brodie.

Plight of the Unborn, Chapter One

The passionate pursuit of love at all costs. One to savor! Marie Benedict again brings to light the unknown interesting life of a fascinating woman. Hedy Lamar is stunning and smart. A natural actress and a knock-out Hedy catches the eye of a devious, ambitious Fritz. As Austria gets drawn into Nazi reign things heat up; Hedy escapes and Hollywood snatches her up. Meanwhile she devises a communications devise that proves she is more than a pretty face.

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Well written and a great read. Although this is a story based around the AIDS epidemic in the 's at heart it is a story of redemption, connection and whom you call family. Excellent characters and shows how tragic illness forever alters lives. I found this moving and thoughtful. There is always romance, intrigue, and scandals without being fluffy. Summer Wives may be my favorite to date. New England charming locale think Fisher Island , a main character whose voice speaks straight to you, handsome boy, family secrets - just right for escape reading.

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Great audio narration too.