Rigoletto di Giuseppe Verdi (Italian Edition)

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Early career

Photo of the week: All at sea? Related articles. The tourism project showcasing works of art in their original locations has been extended by at least a year due to popular demand Full story. Read more. No comments. This site uses cookies. Verdi finally completed the composition of the opera on 5 February , a little more than a month before the premiere, although as he worked on the final stages of Act 3, Piave had already arranged for the sets to be designed.

The singers were given some of their music to learn on 7 February.

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However, Verdi kept at least a third of the score at Busseto. He brought it with him when he arrived in Venice for the rehearsals on 19 February and would continue to refine the orchestration during the rehearsal period. Due to the high risk of unauthorised copying, Verdi had demanded the maximum secrecy from all his singers and musicians. Gaetano Mares conducted, and the sets were designed and executed by Giuseppe Bertoja and Francesco Bagnara. Varesi was very uncomfortable with the false hump he had to wear; he was so uncertain that, even though he was quite an experienced singer, he had a panic attack when it was his turn to enter the stage.

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Verdi immediately realised he was paralysed and roughly pushed him on the stage, so he appeared with a clumsy tumble. The audience, thinking it was an intentional gag, was very amused. It initially had a run of 13 performances and was revived in Venice the following year, and again in Despite a rather disastrous production in Bergamo shortly after its initial run at La Fenice, the opera soon entered the repertory of Italian theatres.

By , it had premiered in all the major cities of Italy, although sometimes under different titles due to the vagaries of censorship e.

From , it also began to be performed in major cities worldwide, reaching as far afield as Alexandria and Constantinople in and both Montevideo and Havana in In modern times, it has become a staple of the standard operatic repertoire. Several modern productions have radically changed the original setting. Different characters portray different archetypes from the Rat Pack era, with the Duke becoming a Frank Sinatra-type character and Rigoletto becoming Don Rickles. He has seen an unknown beauty in church and desires to possess her, but he also wishes to seduce the Countess of Ceprano.

The noblemen resolve to take vengeance on Rigoletto. Subsequently Rigoletto mocks Count Monterone, whose daughter the Duke had seduced. The curse genuinely terrifies Rigoletto. Thinking of the curse, Rigoletto approaches his house and is accosted by the assassin Sparafucile, who walks up to him and offers his services.

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Rigoletto considers the proposition but finally declines; Sparafucile wanders off, after repeating his own name a few times. Rigoletto opens a door in the wall and returns home to his daughter Gilda. When Rigoletto has gone, the Duke appears and overhears Gilda confess to her nurse Giovanna that she feels guilty for not having told her father about a young man she had met at the church. She says that she fell in love with him, but that she would love him even more if he were a student and poor. As she declares her love, the Duke enters, overjoyed.

Gilda, alarmed, calls for Giovanna, unaware that the Duke had sent her away. Upon realizing that it was in fact Gilda who was carried away, Rigoletto collapses, remembering the curse.

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He tries to find Gilda by pretending to be uncaring, as he fears she may fall into the hands of the Duke. Rigoletto attempts to run into the room in which Gilda is being held, but the noblemen beat him. Gilda rushes in and begs her father to send the people away. The men leave the room, believing Rigoletto has gone mad.

Vendetta, tremenda vendetta! Revenge, terrible revenge! Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player.

Verdi: Biography

For the film based on the original opera, see Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto Story. Published by Pranava Books The courtiers, at Ceprano's suggestion, resolve to take vengeance on Rigoletto for making fun of them. No Jacket. Despite their best efforts, including frantic correspondence with La Fenice, the Austrian censor De Gorzkowski emphatically denied consent to the production of "La Maledizione" its working title in a December letter, calling the opera "a repugnant [example of] immorality and obscene triviality. The value of both the libretto and the music was arguable but, the correspondent held, the opera deserved some attention.

You can download the clip or download a player to play the clip in your browser. Rigoletto and Gilda, who still loves the Duke, arrive outside.

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Rigoletto bargains with the assassin, who is ready to murder his guest for money, and offers him 20 scudi to kill the Duke. With falling darkness, a thunderstorm approaches and the Duke determines to remain in the house. Sparafucile assigns to him the ground floor sleeping quarters. Gilda, who still loves the Duke despite knowing him to be unfaithful, returns dressed as a man. Gilda resolves to sacrifice herself for the Duke and enters the house.