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There's something I don't quite understand tho Why do you need to free up a slot? Why can't you go UB - NXD - Aerith - Aerith that of course only if you have S1C , if you don't have a Warrior with ranger lore get something to help clear the yellow bar instead of NXD, as someone who plays all roles in MP please don't bring only damage focus it's a dick and silly move, you're only dragging the fight longer. Currently my build is setup for Tyro and I'm not sure exactly how it will change in the future with 5 star fights.


If I find that I can't kill the boss on the first move then I would like to start using Neo Exdeath or some other bdd card. Braveheart and Gunblade have much better starting values. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Is Soulrender X worth boosting?

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Continue this thread. Same scenario with my Tyrfing for when HoF JM gets released, I'll have him ready :P Edit conclusion: Is it up to you if it's worth and you have enough weapon slots to boost other weapons at the same time, but in general I would say it's not worth if you have to start from 0 right now and have to give up boosting another more important weapon for it.

That's when I started boosting Soulrender and Tyrfing got pris starter on truescale before I pulled Aerith on Mod 3 I know you don't need much more than attack Supreme, yellow gauge ability and 2 Aeriths but I just want the choice. It is the Soulrenders who collect the bounty of an Idoneth raid, harvesting the spirits of their victims.

At need, a Soulrender can use these souls to reinvigorate fallen Namarti, healing their wounds so that even those recently struck dead might rise again. Armed with a hooked polearm known as a talunhook, Soulrenders fight amongst the Namarti, replenishing their subordinates' ranks even as they reap spirit-stuff. A rope-catch attached to the talunhook is ideal for snaring foes that attempt to flee, making it easier for the wielder to capture their essence.

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Minor will go straight for target, more mature people usualy starts topic with opening sentece. Of coure I can be wrong, because we are all just people, but usually I'm right. Anyway if anyone has problem with this status then just report it and that's all. Soulrender Did you know?

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Sep 29, Soulrender Hey! Guys RMMV devs!!!

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Have you ever thought about typing in skill formula "infinity"?? Aug 5, Another Fen likes this. Poryg Infinity is not a real number that even a computer cannot comprehend.

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As such making float number operations is rather tricky. It would inflict confusion on all on the map as they try to comprehend it.

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Ironjawz Orruk Megaboss This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble one orruk Megaboss, covered.. Single plastic Citadel Miniature Update of a classic Slaanesh named character. Katrina and Erik stopped and stared. Use your keyboard! Oct 14,

Soulrender If two witches watched two watches, wich witch would watch wich watch? May 7,